Utilizing Instagram to Promote Stories (Blog Post #8)


Instagram can be a fantastic way for journalists to promote their stories, get their name out there, and interact directly with readers. However, with this being said, there is definitely a right and wrong way to do things when it comes to Instagram.

Previously, my experience with Instagram was very limited, and my knowledge of Canva was even less.

However, when I created posts for my new Instagram page, I very deliberately made the choice for the design of each post to be the same. First, all the colors, fonts, and layouts matched each other. But most importantly, all the fonts, colors, and layouts matched that of my blog website, giving the reader continuity when they found the Instagram and and followed the link provided there.

Challenges of this assignment included things like, how difficult and how many hoops you have to jump through just to create and Instagram account. Verifying email addresses, confirming passwords, it’s all a little too excessive.

During this project, I was very surprised by the engagement I received on the posts. I expected to have the posts “liked” by my girlfriend when I shared the account with her, however, I didn’t not expect several others to be liking, commenting and interacting with my posts. Checking the stats on this blog, the link in my Instagram bio was used 4 times today, all from individuals that I didn’t know. The power of a hashtag goes a long way.

Throughout a professional career, utilizing things like Instagram will be a large part of my personal career. I plan to do things exactly like this assignment, promotion of work that I’ve done. Also, if it calls for it, a career in new and social media might be on my plate. I’m prepared to operate any social media for companies as that time comes.

The digital age is in full force, and in order for journalists to not be left in the dust of computers and cell phones, they must adapt and learn to conquer the digital world just the way they conquered the print world.


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