Atmosphere Mountainworks (Blog Post #4)


Atmosphere Mountainworks is a fixture in the Laramie downtown shopping scene. Appealing to outdoors centric people as well as consumers interested in handmade fashion, Atmosphere proves to be a well rounded shop.

Nestled in a glowing downtown, Atmosphere is a quaint little store, with many surprises that lie inside.

“Atmosphere is a good place to find outdoor gear that is sustainably made and local. Both of which are important to me.” said a customer entering the store on a rainy Tuesday.

While there, inside, you will find an amazing atmosphere (pun intended), and shelves filled to the brim of any and all outdoor gear, cut and sew custom clothing.

Atmosphere’s flagship product is known as “The Climber Bag”. This is a vibrantly bright colored backpack, handmade in house, just upstairs. In addition to this bag, they make fanny packs, jackets, and fleece lined pants. There is also a large selection of hand done screen printed merchandise with the Atmosphere logo branded on.

If you’re lucky, you might also encounter one of the shop dogs that hangout with the sewing team.

Cut and Sew

The cut and sew aspect of the business is the main claim to fame. They take what are known as remnant rolls, (which are extra material purchased by larger conglomerates) and create vibrant patterns on bags, pants, coats, and other outdoor gear.

“If some name brand orders 4000 yards of Polartek fleece…Polartek might make 4040 yards of fabric, and so they’ll have a bolt of 40 yards that’s extra and we buy that at a big discount.” said owner Lindsay Olson.

The sewing team looks down on the store as they are hard at work producing bags, pants, jackets and many other outdoor products.

They use these remnant rolls to not only save money from a business perspective, thus lowering prices, Atmosphere is also very conscientious of the waste they produce, even going as far as reusing shipping bags as bags for the consumer to take their new purchase home in.


Atmosphere has been around for a very long time, previously known as Bradley Mountainwear, and changing hands a few times and transitioning into Atmosphere. Just recently, ownership changed hands once again to Lindsay Olson and her husband. Lindsay had previously worked at Atmosphere during the previous ownership, so the transition was an easy and obvious one.

“We’re familiar with the business, we’ve been involved in the business, and I have a passion for designing gear and the creative aspect of it.” said Lindsay Olson.

Although ownership has changed, Atmosphere strives to provide the quality goods customers had grown accustomed to.

The business goals of Atmosphere are remaining largely the same under the new management, to provide the same quality product and service.

Final Thoughts

Atmosphere Mountainworks is a glowing business in downtown Laramie. Atmosphere has created a rapport with the local community as being a trustworthy business that creates a good quality product.

“The people who own the place are very helpful with anything. They also make some really great products.” another customer said.

Atmosphere appeals too many different people within the community of Laramie. Ranging anywhere from the weathered outdoorsman looking for gear for the next expedition, to the new college student looking for a cool new sweatshirt, they have something for everyone.