Audio Profile – Payton Thomas (Blog Post #5)

Today, we will take a listen to Payton Thomas as he recounts memories from his favorite vacation. Payton has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, and has always had a knack for telling stories and speaking comfortably. When I needed someone to tell an interesting tale, I knew just who to call.

Today’s story teller, Payton Thomas stands outside of his home in Laramie, WY.

Throughout this interview I felt very comfortable. I felt this way for a couple reasons, first, because Payton is a good friend of mine, so talking with him was not an awkward experience at all, and second, I’ve interviewed some higher profile individuals before with an audio recorder, so this was nothing out of the ordinary to me.

Again, taking the portrait was an easy part of this assignment as Payton is a close friend so asking or the act itself did not pose any problems.

The most difficult part of this assignment however, was the editing portion. Taking a 5 minute clip and trimming it down to 2 minutes was very tough. I went through and did a rough edit, only taking out my voice and some blank spaces, and I thought that would be enough. Turns out that only took about a minute off the total length. I did not enjoy editing it further, because I felt as though some of the story was lost. This was the only real surprise of this assignment because when it was first given to me, I thought the editing part would be a quick cut job, but as it turns out, it took quite a lot of effort and meticulous work.

Utilizing audio interviews in the future is something I am very interested in and anticipate in my career. Wanting to become a journalist, this is sort of an expectation as it is the most efficient way to garner quotes for stories, and make sure as a writer you don’t miss anything the subject has to say. Aside from my career, I am interested in the idea of creating and maintaining a podcast. Actually, after I did this profile with Payton, we discussed creating our own.

Overall, this was a good assignment as it opened my eyes to the possibilities that audio can bring. From basic interview formats, to edited down stories, there are many things someone can do with an audio file.