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Live Twitter Blog (Blog Post #6)

The assignment given to me for this post was to find a newsworthy event, go to said event, and compose Twitter posts live in order to cover the event. The event chosen was a concert put on by the University including musical performances from band, The Local, and The Two Tracks.

The Local doing their final soundcheck before going on stage.

For this assignment, there were two routes I could’ve gone for the live tweeting; a more journalistic approach or a promotional one. I chose the journalistic approach for a couple reasons. First, I felt as though it was a better option for me as my interests and skills lie more in journalistic writing that promotional/advertising writing. Second, because I did not know much about either band, I thought it would be difficult to promote something that I’m not totally educated on and the journalistic approach proved to be more beneficial in that sense.

For the duration of this assignment, I found the most difficult thing was simply finding an event that I would be interested in enough to compose a live twitter feed of. I browsed the University’s calendar in search of any event that sparked my interest. There were many that had come and gone prior to me getting started, and the only one left that I had interest in was this concert. I’ve been to a few University sponsored shows in the past, and knew they always put on a good event, so the choice quickly became clear.

My favorite part of the whole ordeal was simply going. It wasn’t the writing of the tweets, or the writing of the blog post, it was the act of being there and listening to good, live, local music. However, that being said, I learned that I should’ve been better prepared for what to expect when I arrived at the event. I had no plan of what the tweets were going to consist of and found myself struggling as time went on to come up with unique, interesting posts that conveyed a message.

As far as social media usage in my career goes, the way the world is going, it seems as though in order to be successful in the field of journalism, smart usage and promotion of yourself online is a very key factor and can make or break you as a journalist. What I’m saying is, I feel as though, whether I like it or not, I will be forced to utilize the power of social media throughout my career.


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